DFFRNT Media, the Dutch Museum Association and XSAGA launch first National VR Museum in the world

DFFRNT Media, the Dutch Museum Association and XSAGA launch the first National Virtual Reality (VR) Museum in the world! 

From the 8th April 2017, 400 participating Dutch museums of the National Museum Week are showcasing their most coveted objects via a ground-breaking virtual reality National VR Museum app. As part of the joint initiative by the members of the Dutch Museum Association, each museum chose one piece of art or antiquity to highlight. The general public can use the app to fly around the country in VR, from one province to another, visiting all 400 museums and learning about their most prized possessions.

“This is the first time anywhere in the world that a national museum association has stepped into the virtual world, a medium that allows countless opportunities for education and promotion,” commented Winston Gerschtanowitz, Founder of DFFRNT Media. “400 amazing pieces of art from 400 different museums, all in one virtual place. It’s an incredible user experience,” added Jelmar Hagen, VP of Entertainment at DFFRNT Media.

With recent advances in VR technology and DFFRNT Media's unique understanding of how to maximise its creative potential, the Dutch Museum Association have fully embraced this new opportunity to expand and enrich the general public’s museum experience.

The National VR Museum app is available to download now in app stores.