Launch of “The”

VodafoneZiggo and DFFRNT Media started together in the autumn of 2018 with an initiative to prepare the Netherlands for the (technological) future, The Future Society NL. By bringing together a carefully selected group of experts - including professors, entrepreneurs, futurologists, artists, lawyers, digital makers and teachers - we want to together form the guide that tells us what is happening, what is likely to happen and why it is happening. And that we do not have to worry, but must be aware of it. As an example, consider the future scenario’s below:

Scenario 1: NINE SECONDS

Nine seconds, nothing more. Nine seconds Peter had taken his eyes from his daughter. And in that time she had managed to walk through the laser security of the 4-6 PlayGround and disappear from his view. Which way? Left, towards the shops on that busy street? Or right, towards the houses? 'With the wind or sun and uphill,' Peter's thinks. A reason that his mother always used when his younger brother was lost once again on a busy beach.

But it is no longer 2018, Peter thinks. He touches his glasses and says, "Find Lauren."

A virtual map of the place where he is now appears before him. The avatar in the Ajax shirt is he himself, the pink butterfly that is slowly but surely walking towards the houses is his daughter Lauren.

'Intervene?' Asks the voice in his ear. 'We now have a surveillance drone at a hundred meters altitude available.'

'How big is the chance of danger?' Asks Peter.

'At this moment of the day, with this weather and visibility, the risk of danger is a maximum of 12%,' says the voice.

"Then we let her go on her exploration. After all, she is already five and it generates quite a few credits. But to be on the safe side, put her location transmitter on so that the cars in the neighborhood can detect it in time if she suddenly decides to cross. '

"Okay Peter. There is news about Ajax. The chance that they will win the eWorldCup 2032 next week has risen to 43%. Should I read it now, or will I check the article for you at six sources first?


SCENARIO 2: Credits

Peter Burger and his wife Jennifer live in what they called a child-rich neighborhood at the beginning of the 21st century. They had to save five years to borrow this family house. The birth of Lauren, their second, gave them sufficient homecredits (/H.c). The house is theirs until the youngest child is sixteen. If the Burger family has sufficient family credits (/F.c). The credits are linked to their behavior.

Less urgent, but very popular with families such as that of Peter and Jennifer are parent credits (/P.c). This system helps parents with the education of their children. The kids earn credits in various ways that they can exchange for rewards such as screen time, pocket money and gifts. For example, Lauren earns 45 credits for her clandestine discovery at the 4-6 PlayGround: 25 for her own initiative and 20 for daring. The parents earn /P.c by spending time with their children. They even get double credits if they do that in real life instead of in the cloud. Their reward consists of extra time in bed, where they can decide for themselves how they spend it.

The score is mandatory at the end of each day and stored in the memory of the house.

"Olivier," Jennifer asks, "have you visited Mrs. Taat again?"

"Yes," says Olivier. "The robonanny was doing the dishes. I helped her with her earplug. When I came in, he was out. She was startled because she did not hear me. But now he is doing it again. I just set up an MR-link with her and wished her goodnight. '

'Beautiful! You earned that 25 /P.c for your social service, "his mother says, pointing her device at her son. "But I will also take back 5 again."


"You've been in that new game for 5 minutes. I warned you, I even sent an notification to your helmet! "

"Yes, but I was playing with Jack and he was allowed a little longer by his father."

"But Jack's parents have just split up. They can only earn /P.c after an approved year of separation. So Jack can play whatever he wants. Your game control tells you exactly when to stop. Or do you want Dad to decide for you again when you are to stop? '

Peter looks up from the recipe that the refrigerator has projected onto his kitchen counter. Something with grasshoppers. "Do you finish your homework, Olivier? I got a signal this afternoon that you were very quick through your maths. "

"It was easy," says Olivier.

"Then why did not you do the bonus assignment right away?"

"Because Max squeaked me to play in the cloud."

'What did you do?'

"Cycling through New York. They have laid a new bike path on Broadway. "

"Nice! Looked out for the taxis? "

'Yes, one collision less than last time. But I did not switch on the sensors. We also went to Mars for a while. But not much happens in the colony that we built with the class. If I have to do AR security again next week, I will go back. '

"Have you thought of another reward?"

'For when I have 250 credits? I want to stay up for half an hour longer. "

"So, and what do you want to do?"

'I want to cuddle!'

'Real time or digital?'

'Real time, in the hugging corner. And then tell us again how it was when you had such a smartphone in 2018? '