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Revolutionary app for safari park Beekse Bergen

For Beekse Bergen we developed a deep learning app. Visitors of the park can learn with the help of the app which animals they see and get more information about the animal in question. This app brings technology, entertainment and education together in one of the Netherlands’ most famous safari parks.

How it works

When visitors take a picture of an animal during their safari at Beekse Bergen, the app will tell them which animal it is and gives interesting facts. The app also showcases where else in the park the animal can be found. Due to this app, which is available for IOS and Android, every visitor has his own personal ranger with them on safari.

Deep learning

The system behind the app is based on deep learning, a technology that allows computers to identify patterns in a way that is similar to human thinking. With the naked eye it is difficult to see the difference between a Grévy and a Grant zebra, but for the new app this is no problem. The more visitors use the app, the smarter the system becomes. The app can easily be extended with other technologies such as AR and VR. Beekse Bergen is ready for the future!